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"Jeff really enjoyed his week of going to Kernersville Rehab Specialists. "
Aug 08, 2018
"I was pleased with how they got my through and made me realize that I could do more than I thought. I am happy to be back to full duty. I recommend them to anyone! Thank you! "
Aug 08, 2018
"I was very impressed with the exceptional care I received at KRS. My doctors and PA's were also very impressed with my improvement. I opted for PT and KRS got me back to walking with no limp and no pain. I don't need the injections and I'm getting back to my old self. The care and concern I received was outstanding. I've been to other PT's in New York that didn't help me in years of therapy. Thank you KRS for your help. "
Aug 08, 2018
"It was my first experience with physical therapy. I enjoyed having Tom as my PT. He is very caring and helpful. I had a good experience. "
Aug 08, 2018
"Everyone was wonderful! I greatly appreciate everything Tom and Shawn did for Ryan!! Thank you so much! Ryan was able to play Legion Baseball this summer! "
Aug 07, 2018
"I was pleased with how they got me through my pain and made me realize I could do more than I thought was possible. I am happy to be back to full duty. I recommend this place to anyone! Thank you!"
Jul 30, 2018
"Everything is good."
Jul 23, 2018
"Everything was great!"
Jul 18, 2018
"Was able to continue therapy at home. Thanks Tom."
Jul 18, 2018
"Thank you - I may have to come back - as of now, ankle is much better. I am still doing the exercise. I had a really nice experience there. You have a great practice and I am glad I picked somewhere local."
Jun 29, 2018
"The staff is very friendly and helpful. I worked with Shaun and found him to be very knowledgable. The services I received were professional and individualized. The small facility made me feel much more like a person instead of a number. I learned a lot about how to help myself and my condition has improved!"
Jun 11, 2018
"Tom and your whole staff are awesome! The best! "
May 01, 2018
"They were very compassionate. Their knowledge on CRPS was incredible. The Nerve Glides (which I had no idea existed) were amazing. The entire staff was excellent and welcoming. "
May 01, 2018
May 01, 2018
"It was a very good experience to be a patient at your facility. Everyone was very patient and helpful. "
Apr 30, 2018
"Very helpful treatment."
Apr 17, 2018
"Very friendly/comfortable atmosphere. All PTs were friendly, put me in a comfort zone, and were very knowledgable about treatment needed."
Apr 10, 2018
"Great facility and staff is wonderful. Highly recommend."
Apr 09, 2018
"Thanks to Tom and the staff at PT for the caring service I received. I had total knee replacement and through the quality PT I had my knee is doing great. I would highly recommend Kernersville Rehab to anyone. Thanks Tom and staff."
Apr 09, 2018
"Their therapy has given me back the use of my left arm & hand, movement and strength was lost when I broke my wrist a few months before. I now have a third of use of my hand back and I am very grateful to Kernersville Rehab. Thank you all, great staff!"
Apr 09, 2018
"Tom & staff were great! I had a very successful shoulder surgery and not much pain so my recovery was quick. My shoulder is better than pre-injury now. Thanks!"
Apr 09, 2018
"Don't change a thing, keep up the good work."
Apr 09, 2018
"Wonderful staff! Friendly, knowledgable, and educated me well on the best care for my injury. Great experienced therapists with a well-balanced for my rehabilitation."
Apr 09, 2018
"The entire staff took great care of me from scheduling to meet my needs to the friendly smiles that greeted me daily. Shawn took exceptional care of me. He listened and worked with me each visit to help me help my self. He gave me "homework" and he gave me a better sense of my new physical being."
Feb 12, 2018
"I would recommend this to anyone. Everyone is so nice and willing to help as much as they can. Thank you for being a great place to come to and everything."
Feb 05, 2018
"It was good. I think they do well and helped me, but I don't know if I'll ever be back to rehab. Still hoping! I would come again!"
Feb 05, 2018
"Mrs. Fish is very professional of what she does. She wants the best for all her clients. She is concerned and makes sure you get what you need. She enjoys what she does, and her staff is a reflection of her. Kernersville Rehab is a five star and above, and I will recommend others to her place of business."
Feb 05, 2018
"Everyone was knowledgable about the kind if care to be given & was kind and very helpful."
Jan 30, 2018
"Thank you truly. Though I had a bad infection, after coming to you and having the young man work with me and show me how to correct it I feel great! He was so understanding and patient with me."
Jan 30, 2018
Jan 30, 2018
"This was my second time around for aquatic therapy and I had such a great experience with Kern. Rehab. The first time I came, everyone from the front desk to the treatment area was wonderful and caring. They made me feel like family and were very kind. I will miss them since this was my last prescribed treatment."
Nov 14, 2017
"I appreciated everything you did for me. I wish I could have gotten back to full work condition, but I feel like you all went above and beyond for me and that everything you could do was done. Your good people. I will never forget how much you tried to help me when I needed it most. Thank you."
Nov 14, 2017
"Competent, friendly, on time, professional."
Nov 06, 2017
"I was very impressed by my therapists. They were very attentive and nice. I was pleased by the service and treatment i received. Great jobs."
Nov 02, 2017
"Everyone was very nice, concerned. I would tell anyone to come and see you. Thank for your help."
Oct 27, 2017
"The staff was always very friendly and patient. The facility was clean, quiet and easily accessible. Thank you very much for getting me from 0-60 so quick!"
Oct 27, 2017
"I felt that the staff was knowledgeable; they listened to my issues and treated me accordingly. I did what they instructed me to do daily and am not 100%. I highly recommend them."
Oct 27, 2017
"The setting was great. The receptionist was always courteous. The three therapists were always listening to my needs. Overall, I have responded well to treatment. Thank you so much."
Oct 27, 2017
"Healing!! Beth was so attentive to my needs. I still hear her everytime I walk—"tighten your glutes and core. Head and shoulders rock!" You healed so many things from that how nice face I had. Thank you!!"
Oct 27, 2017
"Tom and Shawn was great. Everyone. Thank you all."
Oct 27, 2017
"Love love, these people. Awesome group of people to walk with!"
Oct 27, 2017
"As usual (a repeat occasional patient), Tom has done another great service toward my comfort and well-being. Thanks for another great session."
Oct 27, 2017
"The water therapy was great!! All of the people on staff were very nice."
Oct 27, 2017
"Fun and helpful. Great staff!"
Oct 17, 2017
"I felt at ease here. Tom showed me some good exercises for my neck. Nice facility. Friendly and helpful staff."
Oct 04, 2017
"Everyone at KRS showed me kindness and concern throughout a difficult, lengthy healing process. Leanne, Tom, and the other therapists are incredibly skilled. They work as a team and seek new techniques to serve their clients. I got the very best support and encouragement at KRS."
Sep 21, 2017
"I felt that y'all cared about my well being and were doing all you could to help my situation. And it worked! Thanks."
Sep 11, 2017
"Wonderful—Thank you!"
Sep 11, 2017
"Awesome Rehab place, this is my 3rd time going there and the staff are wonderful and the owner Tom is a really great guy. I will not let my doctors send me to any other rehab place. All I can say is I always left everyday feeling better and stronger, very friendly staff."
Aug 31, 2017
"Great experience. Helped with my neck pain and flexability. Instructor was knowledgable , helpful and friendly."
Aug 31, 2017
"I enjoyed the whole time I was there. I could have been done faster but my back and legs slowed me down."
Aug 29, 2017
"Two spinal surgeries—one cervical and one lumbar, the cervical surgery left me paralyzed from the waist down. And there is a plan for two more surgeries one in each of these same areas. I'm out of the wheelchair and I still have severe nerve pain and extreme muscle weakness. But I chose to treat at KRS in an attempt to work through the pain, gain strength, flexibility, improve balance and avoid further surgery. So far, surgery has been put on hold. KRS provided a thorough initial evaluation and we discussed sleep habits, medications taken, diet, daily water intake, use of ice packs, H-Wave (one of my favorites) and other exercises and interests, daily home chores, and best practices. Tom and staff are positive and professional, always encouraging and explain things well, therapy and life lessons (stretching, lifting, etc.) and continue to e very helpful by offering a Wellness Program at the completion of my treatment. As I now know the need for a lifestyle approach to regaining and maintaining my health. I relocated from Georgia to do rehab and take care of some other medical needs and it has been worth every moment of this 12-month sacrifice, and now I've returned home active and hopeful. Yes, I highly recommend KRS and be sure to ask for the "Fish-Bone Special." Gotta love Tom's sense of humor: Tom asked what was my goal. Without hesitation. I said—run a marathon! Tom said, "We got to get you walking first." So, I guess going from a wheelchair to running a marathon in six weeks was a bit ambitious."
Aug 28, 2017
"I enjoyed the whole time I was there. I could have done better. My back and legs slowed me down."
Aug 28, 2017
"The staff was courteous and professional. The exercises I was given were extremely helpful in reducing my pain and increasing my mobility. I would highly recommend."
Aug 28, 2017
"After me total knee surgery I chose KRS for my physical therapy. I am thankful I did because they got back on my feet. They were kind and knew what I needed to get my life back. Shawn was an excellent therapist and pushed me to do what was needed to fully recover. I will certainly refer KRS to anyone who needs help after surgery. Thank you for your superior care."
Aug 23, 2017
"Very kind and patient with me. Felt they valued me and did what they could to help me."
Aug 21, 2017
"The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I actually looked forward to going to my sessions. I could see improvement after the first session. Today was my last visit and am totally different than when I walked in the first day. I highly recommend this facility. If you want great care with a friendly family atmosphere here is where you need to go."
Aug 03, 2017
"Great job so far. Nice people. Know how to instruct."
Jul 31, 2017
"Friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, best experience with physical therapy I've ever had."
Jul 25, 2017
"I would highly recommend Kernersville Rehab to all of my friends. My mom went there as part of her pain management plan for her arthritis and multiple serial and knee pain. Everyone was great and treated mom as family. Very thorough and knowledgeable in all aspects of her treatment. I can't thank you enough!"
Jul 18, 2017
"Being a patient at Kernersville Rehab has been a blessing. Everyone has been friendly and helpful. It's such a pleasure exercising in a clean and comfortable atmosphere. It is most rewarding being able to take what I've learned and use it every day in both the "gym" and pool. I thank you for making my pain and life better."
Jun 30, 2017
"Everyone was helpful and good to me. I'll go back every time if needed. Thank you so much for all you did for me."
Jun 26, 2017
Jun 20, 2017
"KRS was convenient, accessible, and always open early with availability before hours. They're friendly and did a great job with my daughter's rehab. They develop a close relationship that's personalized. Thanks again."
Jun 16, 2017
"Very knowledgeable re therapy needs. Had all the needed equipment. Worked with me on a one-on-one basis. Helped to make therapy fun."
Jun 12, 2017
"I couldn't have found a better place to continue my recovery from a serious car accident. Tom and everyone at Kernersville Rehab specialists are knowledgeable, personable, friendly, and very caring. Tom helped me to stand on my feet again and to start walking again."
Jun 12, 2017
"Exceptional: I felt I received the highest level of therapy for my situation. Staff very knowledgeable in the situation with the knee revision complication and designed a program that was very helpful in achieving progress in my recovery."
Jun 09, 2017
"Really liked going to your place for rehab and the time you too to listen and explain all my concerns, it's really a good environment and all the staff members were great."
May 26, 2017
"I have been doing most of all my physical therapies for my many arthritic issues. The staff are all nice. Treat you like family. I love the aquatic therapy opportunity as well. I also tell patients in Kvill to go to this office rather than the ones in Gsoor-Winston-Salem. Keep doing a great job. I get better."
May 24, 2017
"I am so lucky to meet this place crew of employees! You are awesome and the best in the whole world! You treat your patients like your family members. You really care about them. During my rehab, my pain was mixed with your smile and good thoughts. Since I used to cross that door inside you were the best!"
May 24, 2017
"Jerri was very friendly and helpful. Tom was great! Knowledgeable, funny and good at his job!"
May 24, 2017
"I am very pleased with KRS. After therapy, I continued weekly visit to pool-all the therapists are attentive and very professional. Very satisfied visitors, I've told many people about KRS. Good service. PHS"
May 12, 2017
"Everyone is always very personable and knowledgeable. I enjoy going (well as much as if I am in pain)."
May 09, 2017
"Friendly and excellent."
May 09, 2017
"Being a patient of Kernersville Rehab, I was treated with the utmost concern, from the day I arrived until the time I left. I was treated with excellent care. I would recommend Kernersville Rehab to anyone who needs help."
May 05, 2017
"The time I spent at your facility was of great importance to me. Learning to walk with a prosthetic foot was going to be a real challenge, but Tom made it so much easier than I ever expected! Thank you for being caring professionals."
May 05, 2017
"Thank you for helping me regain strength in my lower and middle back. You are all awesome!"
May 05, 2017
"Other than the fact that I'm dealing with an injury, it was a good experience. The therapists were very knowledgeable and helpful. They were able to take me from a place of not using my right arm at all after surgery to a place that I was functional. These folks treated me like family right down to the receptionist. I highly recommend!"
May 05, 2017
"I felt that you cared about me. I am still working to get back. I go to Dr Chester May 15. They weren't healed April 18. I was pleased with all the staff. Thank you, Ann."
May 05, 2017
"Outstanding patient care and understanding of problems. The personnel are excellent. I would highly recommend you to anyone."
May 05, 2017
"You helped me greatly. I need to come back for other issues. But have 2 things going on at the same time. Once one is taken care of, I will be back there. You and your staff are the best. You are the best PT place I have ever been to and would not change that for nothing. Great job all. God bless."
Mar 10, 2017
"My experience with you all was great. Everyone was kind and professional. The pool was a wonderful temperature and the instructors were very helpful. Thanks so much."
Mar 10, 2017
"The therapists are extremely compassionate and supportive of their patients! I always felt that they truly cared about my recovery and designed an individual plan to help me recover completely from my injury and surgery."
Mar 10, 2017
"Felt like part of the family. Knowledgable and caring."
Mar 10, 2017
"Thank you all very much for helping me get where I needed to be post-surgery."
Mar 10, 2017
"A great place to do rehab! Everyone is friendly, caring and concerned to give you the resources you need to get you back to where you were. Thank you for all your help!"
Mar 10, 2017
"The staff here are amazing. They are very friendly and helpful. From my first phone call, setting up the appointment and making sure I had everything I needed to making each appointment someone was always there. My evaluation process to the actual therapy sessions, everyone stepped up to help me improve. I loved the water therapy pool. When I moved, I was not able to find anything like these great people and their facility."
Mar 06, 2017
"I love it, and love all the staff, they all are very friendly, helpful and great. You can't as for any better people to work with, I couldn't hardly walk from Back and SI surgery due to a car accident.Tom and the staff help get me walking and going again. I don't know what I would have done with out them, it's amazing where I was, to where I am now. I could not have done it with out you!!!!!! I'm going to miss you all, Thank You all so very much!!!!!! Ronald Priddy"
Feb 22, 2017
"Got me back up and running in no time. Had vestibular problems. Knowledgeable and personable, what more can you ask for."
Jan 20, 2017
"Everyone is so nice to work with.Pool is great.Would refer anyone who is need of go there."
Jan 09, 2017
"Show good attention to patients."
Dec 23, 2016
"I really enjoyed being a client. It was a rewarding experience. All technicians that worked with me are very kind."
Dec 23, 2016
"I really enjoyed being a client. It was a rewarding experience. All techniques worked with me and everyone was very kind."
Dec 12, 2016
"Shows good attention to patients."
Dec 12, 2016
"I found Kernersville Rehab online after hurting my back at work. What a GREAT FIND!!! The staff is amazing and very knowledgeable!! They take pride in trying to make the atmosphere comfortable and relaxed for the patients but they also make the patients take responsibility for their rehabilitation. If you are looking for a rehab facility, give these wonderful people a try."
Dec 08, 2016
"Warm, welcoming, attentive to my needs, available for entire appointment, friendly, professional, knew their job. Will definitely use again when needed."
Nov 08, 2016
"Great! Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The exercises helped me improve and have my knee feeling stronger."
Nov 08, 2016
"It was a very good experience. The therapists were patient, efficient and very understanding. If needed, I will return and refer friends and family if and when they need physical therapy."
Nov 08, 2016
"You offered suggestions to better my therapy. Everyone was nice and helpful."
Nov 03, 2016
"I always felt like my daughters best interest were at heart during her extensive length of care. There was a personal touch that you don't find everywhere. We loved our experience!"
Nov 03, 2016
"Knowledgeable and helpful staff. Good results. Friendly."
Nov 03, 2016
"Very good experience."
Nov 03, 2016
"You all are so thoughtful, your physical therapy is very helpful. I always feel better when I leave."
Nov 03, 2016
"Everyone was great, and has helped me very much!"
Oct 24, 2016
"Great place for therapy. I enjoyed the water therapy and the staff for making it easy."
Oct 11, 2016
"Everyone was nice and friendly. My neck and arm are now feeling much better."
Oct 11, 2016
"You guys are the best. You know how to make PT fun :)"
Oct 10, 2016
"The staff was knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I always felt they truly cared and wanted my time with them to be productive."
Oct 07, 2016
"The staff was great and I look forward to going back upon recovery from my surgery."
Sep 20, 2016
"Forklift ran over my ankle these guys had me moving in no time at all . Everyone was very friendy and caring"
Sep 08, 2016
"Good place great people .They realy care."
Sep 08, 2016
"I enjoyed having each of the therapists giving me one on one attention with my progress each time I came in for my appointments. My appointments were scheduled to my convenience, on time I had just moved to the area. The therapy really helped me with my pain. The water was always warm and clean. Thank you for helping me!"
Sep 06, 2016
"Everyone was very kind and made me feel like they really cared. A great place!"
Aug 26, 2016
"I had 11 in pool sessions. I knew my exercises well enough to do in any pool. My daily pain was reduced to about twice a week. The water is magic and the therapists are magicians. Thank you for showing me a better way to relieve pain besides medication."
Aug 26, 2016
"I had an awesome experience. Everyone was very nice. Victoria was such a good therapist. When you have nice people it makes therapy so much more pleasant. I would like to make a suggestion that once you have a therapist and work with that person you have the same one throughout your treatment there."
Aug 26, 2016
"Really excellent staff, from the front desk to the therapists. The therapists all helped me with each activity and explained to me how that exercise helped my particular condition. The whole experience was a really good one and it helped me a lot."
Aug 26, 2016
"Appointments were scheduled conveniently and started on time. All PTs were considerate, helpful, and caring. Although strenuous at times, I enjoyed my sessions. I would use KRS again."
Aug 26, 2016
"they worked on my muscle in my shoulder that was damaged now I have full motion in my shoulder"
Aug 25, 2016
"Great staffing and friendly people and always helpful! Happy to use your service and will return when cast comes off in Sept. 2, 2016. Looking forward to pool therapy. Miss seeing your smiling faces."
Aug 15, 2016
"Very nice, friendly extremely helpful was real pleased"
Aug 15, 2016
"The staff was very kind and helpful!"
Aug 15, 2016
"The staff at Kernersville Rehab are absolutely fantastic. Tom and April are excellent PT's and the rest of the staff are always very attentive from the time I walked in until the time I walked out. They always make me feel welcome no matter what time of the day I come in. They are so wonderful about letting me change my appointment if needed. I have never felt any bad or negative "vibes". I will recommend (and have) to family and friends to your facility. You really do have a top notch team and I really do appreciate their professionalism. Thanks for helping me with my knee and hip!"
Aug 08, 2016
"I miss the neck rub! You work very good, each person I talked to knew what they were doing & was into detail about it. I have been several other places & you are as good or better than the others. Having a lot of trouble with my leg and foot. When I get stronger I will call."
Aug 05, 2016
"Great place for therapy!! Friendly staff and great people to help you through your recovery. Thanks!!"
Jul 29, 2016
"Kernersville Rehab and staff, all are very professional and friendly. They help make therapy enjoyable. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing therapy. Thanks for helping to recover!"
Jul 29, 2016
"This is by far the best rehab/ physical therapy facility I have ever been to. Very professional- and staff is extremely friendly and helpful."
Jul 21, 2016
"I feel very fortunate that I was directed here by my surgeon after a full knee replacement. The staff listened to me and my goals and helped me understand why I was working the exercises they chose. I recommend KRS without reservation!"
Jul 19, 2016
"The employees REALLY care about how you feel and make sure you are making progress. Everything is neat and organized. Best PT place in the triad!"
Jul 05, 2016
"The experience I had at KRS was very professional and helped me get through my shoulder injury as fast as I could."
Jun 15, 2016
"Tom does a great job. He knows what he is doing and cares about what he is doing. Thanks Tom Keep up the good work. Excellent work."
May 21, 2016
"Being a patient at Kernersville Rehab Specialists means you get the best physical rehab by the most caring professionals and staff. There was never a time that my personal/individual concerns were not addressed, answered and met by the staff and PT & PTA's. Rehab here is handled on a personal basis; so you always know they are working for your benefit. Why would I ever go anywhere else for therapy?"
May 13, 2016
"Kernersville Rehab and staff, all are very professional and friendly. They help make rehab enjoyable and easier with their good attitudes. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing therapy. Thanks for helping me to recover!"
May 13, 2016
"Mrs. Fish, She worked on my hand injury that I had and I am very pleased with the service provided and the satisfaction that being fully recovered has brought me. Thank you, Leanne for being so diligent and getting me fully recovered. 👍🏻"
May 12, 2016
"Love this place. Tom is an excellent therapist. He really knows what he is doing. Would return here if I needed to."
May 09, 2016
"I was sent to KRS Therapy by workers comp insurance and my orthopedic doctor for pool therapy after a fall from a ladder at the new Kernersville VA hospital which injured my back, neck, hips, shoulder and legs. I must say I was pleasantly pleased to be treated by Tom Fish and the rest of his staff they were all as professional as they could be, and gave me the best available care, treatment, and advice I could have gotten for my situation. I will continue to recommend Tom and everyone at KRS Therapy to everyone that I know who needs physical therapy in the future."
May 06, 2016
"Staff was very professional and considerate. Well-organized and knowledgeable. Highly recommend them!"
May 05, 2016
"I thought your staff was friendly, yet professional. I have made a full recovery from my injury. I felt that the exercises and movements were very effective, and helped recovery develop very quickly. The therapists were challenging, but not unreasonable. Both April and Tom were very attentive, helpful, friendly, and very professional. I enjoyed the conversation as well as the instruction. I recommend the facility to everyone."
May 03, 2016
May 03, 2016
"It was great being a patient. The pool was great and the company while doing therapy was even better."
May 03, 2016
"It was a pleasant and satisfying visit. Had great conversation. Had great conversations with the therapist/owner Tom Fish. What a nice team he and his wife and staff are. I definitely will recommend Kville Rehab. I am sure I will need their service again. Hopefully no time soon :)"
May 03, 2016
"Excellent care! All of the staff were concerned and caring throughout the rehab of my recent total knee replacement. Tom and April worked through all of the muscles that needed to relearn their job. Step by step, they got me back to doing all the things I need to do and those I want to do. I wouldn't go anywhere else for care."
Apr 10, 2016
"I was barely able to walk due to a back injury I suffered from lifting heavy items at work, and in just a few sessions of very effective therapy, I am now able to do everything I want to do. It also pays to do your "homework". (The stretches and exercises they tell you to do at home each day.)"
Mar 19, 2016
"Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. I had neck issues and verigo and they were able to improve both tremendously!!! Of course my vertigo was not the normal kind but they were able to find an alternative way to improve it that worked!!! I am very pleased by the results!!! Thank you"
Mar 13, 2016
"They will work with you every step of the way. They are awesome. Love them, can't wait to get back to my normal routine."
Mar 09, 2016
"This is the best place I have even been to for therapy. April was with me every step of the way. I got very personalized attention. I couldn't believe the difference in my back when I completed my therapy. Awesome job!"
Mar 09, 2016
"The care and understanding of the pain I had in my shoulder.April and Tom took time and now my shoulder is better than ever.I would recommend them to anyone and will."
Feb 25, 2016
"I really appreciated K'ville rehab they work as a great team. They have really helped me "several times" It is a great place to go if you wan to feel better!"
Feb 17, 2016
"I loved the staff. They were all genuinely concerned about my progress and very helpful and knowledgeable about what exercises I needed. They all made it a pleasurable experience and I can say now, I am walking without a limp and without pain."
Feb 15, 2016
"All physical therapist were very helpful and knowledgeable. Wellness program will be very helpful. Plan to take advantage of this service. Great facility and will recommend to all my friends. Nice friendly atmosphere. I feel I have benefited with my back problem and overall health. So glad I have this facility with a pool so close to my home."
Feb 10, 2016
"Everyone was great! May see you again"
Feb 08, 2016
"Everyone was kind and patient with me. They took their time to show me what I should do to improve and help my back. I have been here before and would go back again. I could not ask for better treatment. I am not in pain as of today. Thanks to you all."
Feb 08, 2016
"To me it was a positive experience and I gained confidence and stability in my ability to move around. Your interaction with us patients was a motivating environment and progressive incentive for help and recovery. Thank you!"
Feb 03, 2016
"Outstanding. The care was excellent!!"
Feb 03, 2016
"Everyone treated me with respect and was very helpful."
Feb 03, 2016
"I was treated for neck and shoulder pain. I was very happy with the therapy and care I received. I though I was headed for surgery, but the therapy, massages, and home exercises has taken care of my neck pain, and in tingling in shoulders. Kernersville Rehab is a first class facility with friendly very skilled therapist. I would highly recommend them for any rehab PT for anyone. PS. What's up Fish?"
Feb 03, 2016
"Very professional and very caring. By the time I left, I felt like part of the family. Wonderful people!"
Jan 22, 2016
"All the staff were great!"
Jan 22, 2016
"Pleasant place to rehab"
Dec 18, 2015
"I am now PAIN FREE - I had 3 weeks of Therapy for SEVERE Sciatic like pain on my right butt check running down to my knee - doctor said it was most likely Piriformis Syndrome Almost canceled a cruise - But Tom and his crew worked miracles on my back Highly recommended - !!!!!"
Dec 09, 2015
"I truly experienced the highest degree of professionalism in providing my physical therapy at KRS. Without exception, the therapists and interns were all most personable, and were undoubtedly focused on improving the condition for which I was receiving therapy. I will return here, should the need arise!"
Nov 25, 2015
"After extensive shoulder surgery I was fortunate enough to be assigned to KRS. Tom Fish and his professional staff made me feel like I was the most important person there. With their guidance, I was able to return to work within a few weeks, not months. They gave me the training that I needed to continue my recovery at home. I highly recommend them to anyone needing rehab and physical therapy. They have become part of my family. Thank you KRS."
Sep 29, 2015
"I've had a positive experience. The therapist's are good and friendly."
Aug 21, 2015
"You have helped greatly with my hip pain . It has been a great pleasure having to come for therapy there. I am able to walk more now. I miss u all. If ever I need PT again I will sure be back to your place ."
Jul 30, 2015
"I felt as though I was receiving understanding and compassion along with treatment!"
Jun 22, 2015
"KRS is the only therapy center that I know of in this area, that an actual therapist works with you the entire session. Tom, Haley, and LeAnn are very knowledgeable in their fields. They really care about you and your progression!"
Apr 19, 2015
"Great place, friendly staff and results you can see."
Mar 05, 2015
"Kernersville Rehab is amazing. Tom, LeAnne, and the entire staff are professional, knowledgeable and very compassionate. Their approach with therapy is encouraging not pushy. I first visited Kernersville Rehab few years ago after an injury and surgery on my knee. I was so impressed that when I was faced with an extensive back surgery there was no doubt about where to go for therapy.Tom and Hailey helped me make the transition back to mobility with aquatic therapy. I am currently in the Wellness Program to continue improving. Kernersville Rehab is the total package, including emotional support"
Feb 26, 2015
"I highly recommend this rehab center. LeAnn and Tom are experts in their field. You instantly become part of the family. Just great people."
Feb 23, 2015
"I was in need of aquatic therapy after having 4 knee surgeries. KRS has the most friendliest therapists I have been around. They are very knowledgeable and are always willing the help. I've been going for about 2 months and will continue going to them and being part of their wellness program that they offer."
Feb 20, 2015
"I've been to see Tom and his staff for lower back pain, knee pain, and now rotator cuff surgery. I'm 2 to 3 weeks ahead of schedule in my recovery after shoulder surgery. Tom, Leeanne, and staff have all the equipment and skills needed to get you up and going again. I'm able to get therapy after work since they stay open late. Highly recommend Kernersville Rehab."
Feb 20, 2015
"Very professional and compassionate team, always dedicated to the individual needs of the patient."
Feb 12, 2015
"Friendly, professional atmosphere, were that treat you like family and still rehab you hard. Great place and would recommend to others."
Feb 09, 2015
"All the staff were great and met my needs. I will need more therapy whenever my cast comes off. I am glad that they do aquatic therapy. My foot surgery will benefit from this as well as my back. Thank you so much. I will be back."
Feb 09, 2015
"Anyone would feel right at home with this group. They take time to explain their process and procedures. They never rush you and listen to what you are saying. Just great people. I highly recommend Kernersville Rehab to anyone."
Feb 09, 2015
"I was looking for a fun, friendly atmosphere with professional and knowledgeable therapists and I found it at Kernersville Rehab Specialists. Tom, Leanne and staff were the best. I actually enjoyed my visits and looked forward to each appointment!"
Jan 12, 2015
"When I injured my shoulder last year I had to find a place to go for therapy. I found the best. It has been a growing journey with people who are honest and caring. Not only have they worked with me to help me recover but they have treated me like a part of the family. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I am so glad I called them for my care."
Jan 12, 2015
"The staff is a great team! They were very flexible and very professional."
Jan 05, 2015
"From the time you walk in to the time you leave Mr. Fish and his team are very courteous and friendly. Also the facility is very clean and well sanitized."
Dec 25, 2014
"The Staff were so friendly and helpful. I recommend Kernersville Rehab to anyone who is seeking physical/occupational therapy services in a fun and caring environment!"
Dec 23, 2014
"When coming to The Rehab Specialist for the first time, I felt like I was so welcomed. Tom and the staff all generally have hearts of gold. I have been to numerous therapist and this is by far the best experience that I have had with any therapist. They truly care about each and every patients. They have helped me to alleviate a lot of my Pain in my Lower Back through pool therapy."
Nov 26, 2014
"Tom and staff were excellent with providing me the care I needed to return to work."
Nov 25, 2014
"I started therapy here a few years ago for severe nerve damage that had me walking with a walker and partial damage to my hand. The friendly and competent staff got me back to near 100% in short order. I continue my association with their reasonably priced Wellness Program. The staff are some of my closed friends."
Nov 25, 2014