We are Open and Treating Patients
Update on COVID-19 (coronavirus) for Our Patients

We are prepared and taking the appropriate measures as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the protection and safety of our patients and staff.

We offer Telehealth

Telehealth uses electronic communication to remotely provide health care information and services. We offer this to our patients. There is a combination of clinical, technical, and financial considerations that determine if telehealth is right for you.

If you are interested in Telehealth, the best thing to do is to call our clinic and we can determine if it is a fit for you.

Success Stories

Ratings / Reviews

  • Cory A.
    Tom & staff were great! I had a very successful shoulder surgery and not much pain so my recovery was quick. My shoulder is better than pre-injury now. Thanks! • • •
  • David F.
    Very knowledgeable re therapy needs. Had all the needed equipment. Worked with me on a one-on-one basis. Helped to make therapy fun • • •
  • Linda M.
    I would recommend this to anyone. Everyone is so nice and willing to help as much as they can. Thank you for being a great place to come to and everything • • •
  • Diana C.
    Thank you truly. Though I had a bad infection, after coming to you and having the young man work with me and show me how to correct it I feel great! He was so understanding and patient with me • • •
  • Debra R.
    I was very impressed by my therapists. They were very attentive and nice. I was pleased by the service and treatment I received. Great job • • •
  • Mary R.
    The staff is very friendly and helpful. I worked with Shaun and found him to be very knowledgable. The services I received were professional and individualized. The small facility made me feel much more like a person instead of a number. I learned a lot about how to help myself and my condition has improved! • • •
  • Natel R.
    Everyone is always very personable and knowledgeable. I enjoy going (well as much as if I am in pain) • • •