Our Approach

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We recognize that the interval following illness, injury, or surgery may be very stressful for you both physically and emotionally. With this in mind, using a patient-centered approach, we will try to ensure your experience with us is both positive and productive.

The patient-centered approach starts with our very relaxed, friendly office environment. All of our staff members take the time to listen to each patient and respond with compassion and respect. Professional, experienced therapists work with you individually to develop appropriate and mutually determined therapy goals. To ensure maximum therapeutic benefits for meeting these goals, patients typically work with the same therapist throughout the course of treatment. By providing this degree of personalized care, we endeavor to achieve complete patient satisfaction with our services as well as excellent results in health, function, and quality of life for our patients.

It is our philosophy that your rehabilitation process is a combination of our knowledge and skill, but as importantly, your level of motivation and the effort you invest in both the activities with your therapist and in your individualized home program. When all of these are applied diligently, we achieve the greatest results.

We look forward to assisting you in your rehab process.