Record a Video Testimonial

STEP 1: Hold the phone horizontally. Stick a post-it note to your phone with these 4 points on it.

  • Your name?
  • What area did we treat?
  • How did we help you out?
  • State you’d recommend us if we’ve earned it.

Have patients answer the questions in a CONVERSATIONAL TONE.

STEP 2: Staff can hold cell phone slightly higher than patients head and tilted downward, for the best angle.

STEP 3: Make sure you have good lighting and optionally, a colorful and deep background. Don't put your patient right in front of a blank wall.

STEP 4: Directions to capture a video on an iPhone:

  • Tap 'Record from camera' to get started
  • Tap to 'Allow access to microphone and camera'
  • There will be a 5 second countdown, then record your video
  • Tap Accept (to send it to us), Review Recording, or Re-Record

Here's an Example Testimonial:

My name is David, and I am from Carlsbad. I came to Acme Physical Therapy because of shoulder pain, and I couldn’t hit a golf ball without pain. Dr. Nolen showed me my problem, gave me some specific exercises, did some hands-on work, and now my pain is all gone. Better yet, I am back to playing golf pain-free! If you have a shoulder problem, I absolutely recommend Acme Physical Therapy They’re really great.

If you have questions about patient testimonials, please email