Low Back Pain Facts

Anodyne OTG: Low Back Pain Facts

Fact: Only 9% of all back pain is from serious causes or herniated disks that might need to be treated surgically or medically.

In our office, we provide conservative approaches to address spinal alignment, biomechanical and range of motion issues, muscle spasm and pain. Anodyne OTG-Back used with our care approaches can get you back to your normal activities faster.

Fact: Low back pain is the most common cause of disability in people under 45 and can cause many missed work days.

OTG-Back can be worn ON THE JOB to reduce muscle spasm and pain, and in chronic back pain patients, may help improve flexibility to reduce chances of further injury.

Fact: In chronic back pain patients, episodic flares of spasm, pain and stiffness do occur.

When flare ups occur, whether at work, on weekends, during vacations or while on the back nine at golf, OTG-Back can travel with you. It is available when you need it - anytime, anywhere.

Fact: Pain medications can be expensive and cause side effects...

OTG-Back has no known side effects and may allow you to reduce your medications.

Fact: Heat is recommended by many practice guidelines for pain relief, muscle relaxation and improved flexibility - especially for acute pain.

OTG-Back delivers heat for the recommended period - 30 minute sessions - automatically. Furthermore, this effect is enhanced by the delivery of heat in cycles up to 5 hours per charge.

Fact: A long period of bed rest or inactivity is not recommended now for back pain as it has been found to cause weakness and more stiffness.

OTG-Back facilitates resuming activities more comfortably and quickly to limit further disability.

Fact: Wearing extended-wear heat wrap over a 5 day period has been demonstrated to be more effective than heat alone, exercise alone, or patient education alone.

  • 84-175% greater functional improvement
  • 93-400% better disability reduction
  • 70-143% greater pain reduction
  • 72% return to pre-injury function (vs 19-20% return with other interventions).